Do You Take A Lot Of Medications?

Do You Take A Lot of Medication?

Do you wonder if you are taking your medications correctly as prescribed by your doctor?  Do you struggle to get your medications from the pharmacy?

My name is Gail Herman, Director of Sales, Marketing and Education.  I would like to introduce you to the Medicine Shoppe, Victor NY Script-Ease program which makes taking your medications as easy as 1-2-3.

With Script-Ease, a team of pharmacists packs your pillbox prior to it leaving the pharmacy. All you need to do is open the color-coded pod and take your medications.

Script-Ease - Canandaigua The Medicine ShoppeFrom many prescription bottles to a convenient pod that complies with your doctor’s directions.

The pharmacy will contact your doctors, fill your prescriptions, pack them and deliver them directly to the home at no additional charge.

Give me a call at 585-337-4300 X 2011 and ask for Gail Herman.

Let me help you make sure you are taking your prescription medications correctly as prescribed by your doctor?

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