Do you have parents who struggle to take their medications?

Do you have older parents who struggle to take their medications properly?  Did you know that seniors taking their medications incorrectly are one of the leading causes of senior hospitalizations each year?

If you or your parents need more assistance or just want the medication taking process to be streamlined and safe, we have a solution for you in our Script-Ease program.

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We prepare each of their doses, have it fully pharmacist checked for accuracy and deliver them right to the home.  We also work directly with your doctor’s office to track and maintain all of your refills which saves most people a lot of time and aggravation.

For more information, give us a call at 585-337-4300 and find out why so many are using our Script-Ease service to simplify their lives and ensure their medication accuracy.  You may also get more information about Script-Ease on our Script-Ease Page.

Call today to simplify and secure your medicine routine.

Noreen Spiehler, R.PH

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